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Transform Your Brand's Heart and Soul

Change The Face Of Your Brand Forever

Wednesday, March 27th @ 10am - 2pm CST

Our Brand Soul workshop is a half-day, hands-on virtual event where you’ll identify exactly what makes your brand exceptional, uncover the secret sauce that turns your customers into lifetime fans, and create a proven framework that infuses your brand’s heart and soul into every aspect of your business.

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Wednesday, March 27th 10am - 2pm CST
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Transform Your Brand's Heart and Soul

Tired of expensive programs that drone on for months and take forever to see results?

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You’ve got a business to run, but your brand sounds more like a bot, than a real person and you’re getting drowned in a sea of competitors.

We get it. 

And that’s why we’ve distilled our 20 years of brand strategy into this 4-hour Brand Soul workshop to put you on the right track to developing your brand’s personality.

What Makes Your Brand Truly Exceptional?

The Brand Soul Workshop is our perfectly blended strategic framework, designed to align your brand identity and messaging with your core values and objectives.

During our time together, you’ll be creating your company’s unique Brand Soul Blueprint on the call with us in real time.

This is a HANDS-ON workshop.

It’s designed to get you results quickly and there’s no homework after the call. You will have everything you need at the end of our time together.

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It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This.

Our Brand Soul method has been a foundational part of our strategy for years. Clients are absolutely floored by the results. Every time.

I Want What She's HavingI Want What She's Having
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Wednesday, March 27th 10am - 2pm CST
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Only 20 Seats Left!

Because people connect with people— not color palettes. That’s why we build brands on psychology, long before we get to style.

Transformation In 4 Hours? Yes, we're for real.

You’ll want to be in a distraction-free environment so you can stay focused.

You don’t need to show up with anything except your favorite beverage. We’ll provide all of the materials on the call. 

Commit to one half day – and you’re done! 

NO extra coaching calls. NO programs to follow. NO extra work. 

Your Brand Soul Blueprint can be forwarded to your team for immediate use.

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Here's what you'll Get from our Half-Day Workshop:


Identify Your Brand's Unique  Personality

Learn how your brand archetype plays a role in every aspect of your business and identify your primary and secondary archetype.


Amplify Your Brand Impact

Discover actionable insights to maintain a competitive edge in your industry and better serve your clients.


Clarify Your Message

Identify the vocabulary you and your team need to articulate your brand’s identity with clarity and precision.


Infuse Soul into Your Brand

Learn how to infuse your brand with authenticity, empathy, and a sense of purpose that deeply resonates with your audience.


Interactive Learning

Build your Brand Soul Blueprint on the call with us in real-time and share it with your team. All before lunchtime.

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Wednesday, March 27th 10am - 2pm CST
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Only 20 Seats Left!

Dr. Kaylea Boutwell-Lenarz

Katalyst MD

“Who are you? What do you do? How do you do it? Who do you do it for? And can you tell the world that in an instant?

Because if you don’t know how to do that already… another person, regardless of credentials, contribution, or sacrifices, has it figured out and they’ve already beat you to the goalpost.

Which means, not only are you missing your chance to lift humanity through your unique genius, you’re also not living a life that you love as much as you could.

And I know that because that’s the reality that Left Right Labs created for me. What they do is the foundation that everyone in business needs.”

The Brand Soul Blueprint is the key to unlock Your Brand's Full Potential

Increase Customer Loyalty

Create Premium Pricing

Enhance Recognition and Recall

Build A Competitive Advantage

Improve Customer Relationships

Expand and Diversify

Attract Top Tier Team Members

Increase Resilience 

Create Higher Market Value

Build Affiliate Partnerships

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Do you Have The Confidence To Make Your Next Big Move?

These Influencers do.

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What makes Us Exceptional?

We’re not normal. Left Right Labs isn’t your traditional, branding agency. We don’t have fancy offices and you aren’t going to be assigned an “account manager” to be your handler.

We’re a boutique agency on purpose. Our specialty is brand strategy and our superpower is helping our clients create better communication platforms to connect with their audience.

We are a high-touch, attention-to-detail, hold-your-hand kind of team. We treat our clients like family and we’ve sat down to dinner with many of them.

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Is This Right For My Business?

Every brand needs heart no matter where they’re starting from or where they’ve been. The Brand Soul Blueprint works for businesses of any size. 

I've attended so many workshops, how do I know this is something I don't already know or have?

We do things differently from most agencies, and no one has ever said “We’ve already done this before”. 

In fact, most participants say “OMG, why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Will this be recorded?

Yes, but you’ll get more value from attending and participating in real-time where you can ask questions and get personal feedback. This is a not a passive listening event. To get the most from this intensive, you’ll want to do the work with us on the call. 

I'm already booked. Are there other dates available?

Dates and times of each Brand Soul Group Intensive vary based on our speaking schedule and active client load.

Please contact us if you are interested in a future Intensive and we will notify you of upcoming dates as they become available.

Prefer a VIP sessoin? You can also book a private session and we can tailor that to your schedule.

What If Something Comes Up AnD I Can't ATTEND?

Life happens – we get it.  Each session is recorded and everyone will get a link to the recording the next day.

Will this help my staff/team members better understand my brand?

Yes – 100%. That’s exactly what the Brand Soul Blueprint will do for your business. 


The Brand Soul Blueprint is a great tool for teams, however, we recommend that the business owner(s) attend the session themselves first to get the whole experience without outside voices. The exercises can be repeated later with team members to expand it.

You can also book a private session if you’re ready for the full team experience.

I don't have a team yet... Do I need this?

Yes, definitely. Understanding your brand is the first step in preparation for growth.

Even if you’re flying solo, you can use your Brand Soul Blueprint as a compass to direct your marketing efforts.

As you grow, you’ll be able to reference your Brand Soul Blueprint to lead effortless conversations about your brand when delegating tasks to anyone helping you grow your business.

Can I show this to my own design and development team?

The Brand Soul Blueprint can be easily understood by anyone on your team. If you already have designers and developers you love, Brand Soul will help them understand your brand vision on a deeper level so they can better align their work with your audience.

You can hire Left Right Labs for brand strategy, design, development, or product packaging.

“I’ve learned more about the company in a few hours with Left Right Labs than I’ve learned in nine years of working here.”

Melissa S., Marketing Project Manager
Successful 8-Figure Company (Private Client)

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This is NOT a pre-fabricated “evergreen” webinar. We are live and as “in person” as we can be on a video call. Space is limited and we can only do a few of these each year, so grab your seat today!

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Wednesday, March 27th 10am - 2pm CST
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