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People connect with people —
not color palettes

Creating an impactful brand isn’t all about your fonts, logo, or choosing the perfect shade of magenta. 

To leave a real mark on the world, you need to go beyond the superficial and connect—human to human. 

It’s an art and a science and lucky for you, we’re experts in both.

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Optimum EFX
GDUSA Package Award 2023
GDUSA Digital Design Award 2023
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Meet the brains behind the brands

A clever and skilled left brain, a gregarious and creative right brain—plus an amazing team of other lefties and righties. Together, we’ll help you create a successful brand that connects with people on every level.

Gretchen Cawthon

Gretchen Cawthon

The Left Brain

Trina Fisher

Trina Fisher

The Right Brain

The brand you want, the business you need

You have big goals.

You won’t settle for second best—you want to own your market. 

You want a business that changes lives while supporting your own lifestyle, too.

Oh, and you want the path to all this to be as simple as possible.

Does that feel like a lot to ask?

We don’t think so.

How We Work

We have a method and it isn’t madness. Our proven 3-step brand development process will get your idea out of your head and into the world.
 (and yes, color palettes are included).


Discover ways to increase your revenue by offering the right products, to the right clients, for the right price.


Create an instantly recognizable brand and bring it to life in ways your customers can’t ignore. 


Strategize together with your team to roll out your new brand with optimal efficiency and maximize your profit.

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Our clients aren’t complaining

Laila Ali | Laila Ali Lifestyle

JJ Virgin | JJVirgin.com

Tim Organ | Mindshare Collaborative

Allison Maslan, CEO | Pinnacle Global Network

Optimum EFX

Rebranding your company is not something you take lightly. You made the entire process so smooth and you created a look and site that I love.

Katalyst MD

I’m thrilled, personally. I can’t wait to show it to everyone, including the other Mastermind members here… we’re all always looking for the best of the best.

Briana Michel

Trina and Gretchen have great insight and consumer perspective. And the best part… They LISTEN to what the client wants! Love this power duo.

Just Glowing With Health

The combined knowledge at Left Right Labs makes for a powerful team that produces really amazing work!

Second Chance Lifestyle

Left Right Labs is an absolute pleasure to work with. They’ve been building my brand from the start and available when I need them.

Laila Ali

Left Right Labs made the daunting process of rebranding easy, organized… and they deliver!!!

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