We Are Left Right Labs

We help celebrity wellness experts build bigger, better, more beloved brands.

With our 15+ years of digital marketing experience, we'll work with you to build a strong brand and a strategic marketing plan.

We've helped our clients launch over 100 online businesses and achieve more than 80% growth.

Our process is stress-free and we'll be with you every step of the way.

Creating bigger, better, more beloved brands.

Power Duo

Creating bigger, better, more beloved brands.

The Brain Trust


Gretchen Cawthon

Left Brain, Company President, Lead Developer, Taekwondo Student, Master LEGO Builder

Tired of battling food allergies, Gretchen became interested in fitness and nutrition to improve her health. Combining her technical expertise with her desire to see others embark on their own journey toward better health, she coaches wellness influencers on how to attract new clients through digital marketing. She also believes you can make anything out of LEGO bricks.

Trina Fisher

Trina Fisher

Right Brain, Creative Director, Client Connector, Hedgehog Lover, Coffee Connoisseur

After her mother's health decline from diabetes and heart disease, Trina became interested in revamping her own health and supporting healthy changes in others. Using her skills in strategy, design, and communication, she finds great value in reaching others through the nutrition & wellness influencers she works with on a daily basis.

Do You Have A Team?

Currently, Left Right Labs is made up of team members living across North America. Our core team consists of designers, developers, SEO and PPC specialists, and a project manager.

We are also tightly connected to a network of peers who specialize in a wide variety of online tools and platforms. Depending on the scale of a project, we can collaborate with our network to bring the best of the best to our team.

Did I Just See...

We work from home offices and it's highly likely that on any given call you'll see one of these adorable creatures hanging out in the background. Pets are family here.


Lola Jean

Official Greeter, Lap Warmer, Fitness Trainer, Alpha Female, Carrot Lover, Watch Dog



Night Watchman, Pest Control, Wheel Marathoner, Resident Acupuncturist



Doorbell Announcer, Bunny Chaser, Socialite, Ball Fetcher, Silly Puppy, Treat Finder, Snuggle Buddy