Left Right Labs helps health and nutrition coaches, make more money, grow their following, and get their time back. With our 12+ years of digital marketing experience and over 40 years of combined business experience, we will work with you to build a strong brand and a strategic marketing plan.

We've helped our clients launch over 100 online businesses and achieve more than 80% growth. Our process is stress-free and we’ll be with you every step of the way to help you attract better clients and increase sales.

Our Team


Gretchen Cawthon

Left Brain, Company President, Lead Developer, Taekwondo Student, Master LEGO Builder

Tired of battling food allergies, Gretchen became interested in fitness and nutrition to improve her health. Combining her technical expertise with her desire to see others embark on their own journey toward better health, she coaches wellness professionals on how to attract new clients through digital marketing. She also believes you can make anything out of LEGO bricks.

Trina Fisher

Trina Fisher

Right Brain, Creative Director, Client Connector, Hedgehog Lover, Coffee Connoisseur

After her mother’s health decline from diabetes and heart disease, Trina became interested in revamping her own health and supporting healthy changes in others. Using her skills in strategy, design, and communication, she finds great value in reaching others through the nutrition & wellness coaches she works with on a daily basis.


Jarred Street

Developer, Idea-Bouncer, Gear-Head, Perpetual Pupil, Destroyer of Toasters

A jack of all trades-type, Jarred is just as comfortable working on a computer as he is in a kitchen, in a garage, or out in a field. Jarred is an incessant tweaker who was routinely in trouble for taking apart different object as a child. From alarm clocks to toasters nothing is off-limits to this tinkerer!


J Couret

Search Engine Optimist, Competitive Gamer, Lifter of Heavy Objects, Sports Junkie

When J is not staying on the bleeding edge of SEO and finding ways to rank websites on the competitive SERP battleground, you can find him and his group of gamer friends on the latest Halo title - developing strategies to dominate any team silly enough to face them. Well, that is, if he's not spending time with his wife and three young kids or at the gym focusing on compound barbell lifts.


Lola Jean

Official Greeter, Lap Warmer, Fitness Trainer, Alpha Female, Carrot Lover, Watch Dog

Lola is the Official Left Right Labs Client Greeter. She announces each guest with a quick bark, a wag, and a couple of spins around the office. Never one to miss a meal, Lola keeps the LRL Team on track by letting us know precisely when it is lunch time. An avid health nut, Lola prefers raw veggies for snacks and enjoys a 30-minute walk daily.



Doorbell Announcer, Bunny Chaser, Socialite, Ball Fetcher, Silly Puppy

Sundae is an overeager, ready-to-play puppy with a strong desire to make you laugh at her antics. An avid outdoor lover, she keeps the team busy with her constant need for attention and to be let in and out of the office. When not barking at all the other puppies in the neighborhood, Sundae can be found snoring on her bed in the Left Right Labs office.