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Do I really need a web care plan?

What exactly is a web care plan and why do I need one? In speaking with business owners on a daily basis, this is probably one of the top questions we get. So your site is up and humming along, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping… everything’s coming up roses. What can…

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What is a better investment… Facebook Ads or SEO?

Facebook Ads vs SEO

Your marketing dollars are an investment. You don’t want to waste them just because you have some extra cash in your marketing budget to spend. Getting a good return on your investment should be the number one focus of any marketing campaign you run. Since no one has an unlimited marketing budget, we usually get…

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How To Get Your &@$&?! Together in 2017

Get It Together 2017

When we coach our clients at Left Right Labs, we don’t teach them to do anything we aren’t doing ourselves. And let me tell you, we did a LOT in 2016. You may have noticed we jumped from a two-person shop to a team of FIVE! We also completely changed our name, our business model…

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How to Stop Struggling With Your Nutrition Business

Just Glowing with Health

The Struggle Is Real Christine Roseberry “I just want to help people and make money. Is that too much to ask?!?” We’ve met so many Nutrition Businesses that face this same question every day. Chances are you got into this business because you have a big heart and want to see others grow and have a…

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How to Avoid Clickbait and Fake News Stories

How to Avoid Clickbait and Fake News Stories

As a wellness professional, you know that positivity and happiness are keys to good health. You strive to keep the negativity out of your life but how do you keep it out of your social media without blocking your friends and family? There are actually several tools built right into Facebook that can help you…

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5 Powerful Ways To Attract Better Nutrition Clients

Attract Better Nutrition Clients

The following tips to attract better nutrition clients will start working for you today, but only when you apply them consistently. We use these exact methods ourselves and with our nutrition clients to get results that last. Why Do You Want To Attract Better Nutrition Clients? The first question we ask our wellness clients is “why?”. It’s probably not…

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7 Effective Ways Gym Owners Can Attract New Customers

Gym Owner Ben Booker

Keeping a steady stream of fitness clients coming through your doors every month can be challenging. After working with gym owners and fitness pros, we’ve compiled 7 great ways to attract new customers and keep them engaged in what your gym has to offer every month. 1. Partner Up Work with local corporations to build an internal fitness program.…

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Is your web host costing you sales?

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Most people pick their web host by searching for “web hosting” and then choosing the cheapest option. They pick the “super deal” for $5/month and never think twice about it. But what if I told you that your web hosting was costing you sales every month? What if you were losing customers simply because the…

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Are these technology features killing your daily productivity?

Notifications Ahead

With technology advancing at lightening speeds, it’s easy to overlook new features that creep into our workflow and become routine. Often, we accept these new events without stopping to think whether they are benefitting us or slowing us down. Here are a few tips to tone down the tech and gain back your time (and sanity).…

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How to run a successful Facebook Q&A session

Facebook Q&A Promotion

Hosting a Facebook Q&A seems like a pretty simple concept, but there’s a lot that must go into it to make it successful. You can’t just decide to do it one day and expect good results. It takes a lot of planning. Organizing your event is the most important part. You may be an expert…

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