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New York Ad Council - Adlibbing

New York Ad Council: Branding Makeover

Client Brief The New York Ad Council came to us wanting to update their company blog called “Adlibbing”. Their previous design came from a pre-made template…

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Do you know what you should be doing in your wellness business today?

Have you ever sat down in front of your computer and started surfing around wondering what you should be doing to get new customers to…

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Stop neglecting your best online asset

Are you sick and tired of being told that social media is the holy grail of marketing and that if you’re not on every platform documenting…

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monthly website costs

Monthly website costs you should budget for

So you’re thinking about monthly website costs… You’ve done your homework and you know there’s more involved to maintain the site than just the domain…

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5 Key Elements Every Fitness Web Site Needs To Convert New Clients

At Left Right Labs, we work with fitness web sites every day. When we do site reviews for new clients, here are some common elements we look for…

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Creating an Exceptional “About” Page

Your About page is one of the most visited pages on your web site. In fact, when a visitor is new to your site and…

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lego card

Happy Merry Everything!

Welcome to that time of year where every mailing list you’ve ever subscribed to sends you a “Merry” or Happy” email that basically does nothing…

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frustrated woman

What do your customers really want?

Have you ever wanted to dive deep into the mind of your customers and find out what they really want? Wouldn’t it be nice to…

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Can your customers find you?

Can your customers find you on a map?

The worst thing you can encounter in a day is a frustrated client who just wasted their time and gas driving around to find your…

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If you’re not doing this, your online business is destined to fail

Ask any marketing expert and they will tell you there is one very important metric by which the success of an online business can be measured….

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