Holistic Web Care To Protect Your Brand

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
~ Benajmin Franklin

Your Reputation is On The Line

Your website is a valuable asset you’ve likely spent YEARS building, testing, and improving. It’s one of your biggest selling tools. So, isn’t it worth protecting?

Just as you would insure your home, your car, and other valuables, you should insure the performance of your website through proper monthly maintenance.

Poorly maintained sites are vulnerable to performance and security issues. Not only do they risk damaging your day-to-day business, they can damage your brand reputation as well.

First, Do No Harm

When you need medical care, you find a specialist and stick with them through the duration of your treatment.

Consistent web support, provided by the same highly skilled team is more efficient and effective than hiring random techies when your site is down and your sales are tanking.

Familiarity, consistency, and standard operating procedures, result in an overall higher-level of care and fewer technical issues.

By taking a holistic approach to your website’s appearance and functionality, we make sure it performs at its best and stays true to your brand guidelines.

Sleep Better: Hire A Dream Team

Our dev team stays up-to-date on best practices and works with designers frequently enough to understand the high standards they hold in keeping your site on brand and professionally representing your business.

Sure, you can find a team who might do some things for less, but do they have the knowledge to prevent future issues, resolve complexities sooner, or complete challenging requests in less time?

A high-performing dev team with the right experience uses tried and tested processes that make your site work and look better. They know the ins-and-outs of your unique tech stack to keep it running smoothly.

Happy Websites = Happy Google

Nothing makes Google happier than a well-kept site that keeps visitors coming back for more (and continuously building on a healthy conversion rate).

To perform well and prevent incidents, active websites need:

  • Regular software updates

  • Speed checks

  • Security scans

  • Brand Maintenance

  • Uptime monitoring

  • Upgrade planning

Complex sites can be even more demanding due to custom setups and plugins that don’t always “play nice” with each other. They need the patient TLC of a developer who’ll carefully test scenarios in a secure environment when called for.

Is it time for a tune-up? When our dev team spots the signs of slower site speed, performance issues or unused clutter in the backend, they’ll let you know and ask if cleanups and optimizations can be performed to get things back on track and running smoothly.

Covering Your Ass-ets

Sh*t happens at the worst possible times, but a good maintenance strategy can prevent most of it from hitting the fan.

Software Updates

Monthly updates to your website software and plugins.

Uptime Monitoring

Multiple hourly pings of your site and immediate notification and response if it goes down

Security Checks

Frequent scans and recommended tools to keep your site safe.

Visual Inspection

Human eyeballs on your site each month to make sure it stays on brand and looking good.

Usability Testing

Routine testing of your site's functions to ensure they're working and you're receiving notifcations.


An included annual allowance of hours designated for troubleshooting

Dr. Debbie Bright


“Sometimes you hire vendors and they don’t do their f****** jobs. These ladies do their job. I was hooked up to IVs and we still got on Zoom calls. We worked through everything I needed. They always held my hand.

I didn’t know what I was doing, but they did. And they showed up for me and I can’t really say that for a lot of people that I hire to work for me. But I can say that about Left Right Labs, because they’re family to me and I really love them.”

Good Things Come in Small Packages

We don’t believe in making you pay for things you don’t use. Our packages are designed to keep your site performing at its best. You only pay extra when you need additional support. It’s as simple as that.


Best for websites on autopilot that don't need regular content updates, but still require regular maintenance and security.
  • Software Updates

  • Uptime Monitoring

  • Security Checks

  • Access to our team of developers when needed, at our $150/hr agency rate

  • Troubleshooting Allowance

  • Visual Inspections

  • Usability Testing

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Best for active websites with occasional content updates, special functions, and third-party connections.
  • Software Updates

  • Uptime Monitoring

  • Security Checks

  • Access to our team of developers when needed, at our $150/hr agency rate

  • Troubleshooting Allowance

  • Visual Inspections

  • Usability Testing

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Best for busy websites with frequent content updates, new pages and functionality and lots of moving parts.
  • Software Updates

  • Uptime Monitoring

  • Security Checks

  • Access to our team of developers when needed, at our $150/hr agency rate

  • Troubleshooting Allowance

  • Visual Inspections

  • Usability Testing

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The section formerly known as FAQs Has now rebranded as…

Fabulously Answered Queries ™

General Questions

  • I already have a team, why do I need another team to offer support?

    You might already have a team working on your site, but is anyone responsible for keeping an eye on the big picture? Is anyone in-charge? Do they know the quirks that could make one change trigger a domino effect of “uh-oh” moments?

    Because we know your site inside and out, we can diagnose and troubleshoot issues quickly which will save you time and money. We can also collaborate with your team when needed, so you can stay focused on your superpower.

  • What happens if I decide not to opt-in to a Web Support plan?

    We’ll be glad to assist you with occasional requests based on the team’s availability, current projects, and web support client priorities. Requests are estimated at our regular agency rate.

    If you experience any critical site issues and need troubleshooting, you’ll be required to purchase our “Non-Support Diagnosis” at a flat rate of $300, followed by an additional estimate to resolve the issue.

    Support without a plan is only available to a limited group of Left Right Labs clients meeting the criteria of acceptably managed sites, and clients in good standing.

Support Task Questions

  • What types of requests can I contact support for?

    You can ask us for anything… but here are the general types tasks included in our Web Support Plans.

    • Wordpress and Shopify troubleshooting
    • Small changes on the site including: text edits (provided by you); images (provided by you); promotion updates like banners and coupon codes; callouts and pop-ups; adding new blog posts, podcasts, and recipes to existing templates, etc.
    • Other changes like adding new sections on an existing page, making minor changes to a current layout, or adding a new feature within an existing part of the site, for example.
    • Larger changes could include creating new pages, promotional landing pages, and customized affiliate or campaign additions.

    Need help with something else related to your brand? Contact us.

  • What happens if I need more hours?

    Any project of 20 hours or more will still be eligible for a discount through our impact hours plan once the project has been scoped.

  • How long will I wait for my request to be completed?

    We complete tasks on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do have an internal system for gauging an emergency and will always prioritize those requests.

    If you want to jump to the front of the line, we do offer a fast-track option. See the details here.

    You can also request priority service by paying an additional 25% rush fee. 

  • What happens if I have an urgent matter?

    Most urgent issues we see come from unplanned updates and automated processes that do their robot job, but don’t have human eyes to see that something went wrong.

    Ever have your computer run an update and it messed up your favorite program? Website software can do that, too.  That’s why we have strong opinions about which web hosts are best and we are pretty strict about what we allow to “auto-update” when we’re not looking. 

    We are not a 24/7 operation. We’re a small, highly efficient team working normal business hours. For urgent matters after hours, your web host can almost always roll your site back to its previous state until we can investigate.

Legacy Plan

  • Why does my web support plan need to change?

    Many of our vendors have recently increased costs and changed their service offerings.  If we left our plan offerings the same, we would have to increase web support pricing by a much higher rate.

    We didn’t think our super amazing clients would be happy about that, so we came up with some new plans to create a win-win for everyone.

    Read more in our FAQs under “In what way is my plan changing?” and “Why am I still paying the same?”

  • In what way is my plan changing?

    To sum it up, your plan has been redesigned to give your site the love it needs. That means more dev attention for higher quality, pro-active support.

    New measures have been included to keep your site running smoothly to give your visitors the experience they expected from the brand you’ve grown from the ground up.

    Both the LITE and PLUS plans now offer Value-Priced Support for all those ideas you want executed on your site. They also both include Visual Site Inspections to catch those frustrating glitches that can sometimes happen with site updates and other software conflicts, as well as Uptime Monitoring.

    The PLUS plan goes one step further with regular Usability Testing to ensure your clients have a seamless experience when they engage with your brand and don’t leave (virtually) empty-handed.

    As always, all plans provide Security Checks and Monthly Software Updates.

  • What are my hosting options?

    Although WP Engine is preferred for developer accessibility, good response time, quality, and practicality, there are other hosting providers our dev team has thoroughly vetted to offer as alternatives.

    Please reach out to us to discuss the best hosting option for your site(s). We’ve also taken note of hosting providers to avoid, if at all possible, due to poor service and unfavorable practices which can impact site functionality and performance. (GoDaddy, we’re looking at you.)

  • When are the plan changes taking effect?

    The updated web support features and new pricing (Ex: plan prices ending in 97 increasing by $3) will take effect starting August 1st, 2023 based on your current renewal schedule.

    For hosting, in most cases, clients will be approached by our team with details on migrating to new hosting. Sites will be addressed on a case-by-case basis due to stability, complexity, and other factors identified by the dev team.

    Sites are expected to complete migration by the end of November or early December 2023.

  • Why isn’t web support time included anymore?

    Our clients don’t come to us for DIY drag-and-drop template sites. Each client has their own unique tech stack. When called for, we use custom code and specialized tools and techniques to create the best site for the job of representing your brand and serving your audience. Currently, about 90% of our web support clients don’t use their allotted monthly web support time. On the flip side, site maintenance demands have steadily increased. More plugins, more apps, more vulnerabilities, more bad actors on the internet, more bots, more automation, more updates, more conflicting issues….. whew! This requires our dev team to use more time to keep your site looking great and in good working order. We don’t run updates blindly on auto-pilot. We’re inspecting your site to make sure the update hasn’t triggered an undesired effect in its appearance or functionality. If we suspect a potential conflict during an update, we’ll test it in a secure environment before we allow it to update on the live site. In a nut-free nutshell, we’ve internalized the hours for the use of our dev team to focus more time on your site’s performance, while also continuing to keep it secure, maintained, and monitored.

Usability Testing

  • What is usability testing and why do I need it?

    Content goes here ..

  • Why do I need a visual inspection? Don’t other tools monitor my site automatically?

    Content goes here ..

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