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Fellowship-trained, Board-Certified Cleveland Clinic Specialist, Kaylea Boutwell Lenarz, MD, specializes in spinal injuries and pain management with minimal amounts of medication. Through trailblazing scientific-based procedures, medication management, and lifestyle upgrades, her clinic, KATALYST MD helps her patients reach their goals of living fulfilling lives without debilitating pain.

Dr. Kaylea leads with excellence, high energy, and a heart for her patients. Eager to represent that passion in a sophisticated and approachable way, Dr. Kaylea hired Left Right Labs to create a comprehensive Brand, Strategy, and Voice.

Dr. Boutwell-Lenarz


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Research & Strategy

Every good brand understands the wants and needs of their ideal clients. Through our Get Clear Workshop™, we helped KATALYST MD identify their ideal clients and how they can best serve them.

Dr. Boutwell-Lenarz

Ideal Client 1: Brenda Lindsey

Brenda is married and comes from an affluent household. She works a part-time job at a boutique and regularly enjoys going to a private gym to stay active. She’s very social, often hanging out with her friends at the Country Club, and travels with her husband frequently. Brenda is looking for a specialist that can help her maintain her best health as her aging body brings new physical challenges.

Katalyst Ideal Client

Ideal Client 2: Robert Ewers

Robert is a dedicated worker who has a lot of repetitive movements, overhead work, and bending in his job. Robert is dealing with chronic back pain and it’s impacting not only his work but his personal life. He’s looking for a doctor that will give him dedicated attention and look at alternatives to ongoing medication.

Katalyst Ideal Client

Ideal Client 3: Carol, The Case Manager

Carol wants to help her patients while meeting the adjuster’s requirements. Carol is also used to having her clinical expertise ignored, and is looking for a provider that respects her, communicates well, and anticipates her needs.

Katalyst Ideal Client


With many of Katalyst’s patients being on-the-go, a good mobile experience was at the top of their wishlist. Combining the colorful imagery from the desktop with simplified forms and a responsive navigation put the Katalyst site in good hands, no matter what device their patients use.