SunLife Organics is an organic juice bar that exists for three simple reasons— to love, heal, and inspire. The owner, Khalil Rafati, beat impossible odds. Nearly dying at the age of 33 from heroin and cocaine, he chose to turn his life around and fight for himself. He is now the proud founder, creator, and owner of more than 13 locations, an author, and sought-after speaker.

When evaluating his line of products throughout the stores, Khalil decided that he wanted to carry products that his customers could take home and make for themselves. Namely, supplements and teas. He approached Left Right Labs to help create high-end product packaging that would stand out from the rest of his line.

We started with testing concepts for a line of protein powders and once the favorite direction was chosen, we moved forward with designing a gorgeous matcha tea tin.

Brand Research and Strategy
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Product Packaging Design

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SunLife Matcha Stool
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A Labor Of...

After hearing Khalil’s story and understanding the heartbeat behind his company, we couldn’t wait to partner with SunLife Organics to create product packaging that makes his customers feel special. We wanted every experience to be a reminder that they are taking time for themselves to nourish their bodies with organic superfoods.

Pulling from his story of personal triumph and the meaning behind his Lotus Flower logo, we wanted to depict the feeling of rising up out of the mud and feeling the sun for the first time.

Sunlife Products

Design Theory

The black background allows for the colors of the logo and flavors of the products to stand out like a beacon, and behind every lotus flower is a depiction of the roots that push that flower out of the mud and the sun rays that nourish it once it has bloomed.

When designing the packaging for the Ceremonial Grade Matcha, we knew the final product had to be printed on rice paper to add to the history and experience of this incredible tea.