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Dr. Debbie Bright is an internationally-recognized and board-certified Functional Medicine practitioner. With a degree in Exercise Science and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree (DC), she is best known on social media platforms for her Functional Medicine, dietary and nutraceutical approach to healthcare. Wanting to streamline the process of finding quality supplements for her patients, Dr. Debbie has developed a line of physician-formulated shakes, bars, supplements, and programs.


Business/Marketing Strategy
Creative Direction
Ecommerce Development
Product Packaging Design

Dr. Debbie - Millennial Health

Dr. Debbie came to Left Right Labs for our expertise in product packaging. Inspired by her beachy style and love of high-end products, we created a line of supplement packaging that coordinates with her overall brand and positions her products with excellence.

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Dr. Debbie - Millennial Health
Millennial Health - Dr. Debbie

Design Process

Starting with three different designs based on our initial strategy and design brief, we narrowed down the strongest options and came up with a final package design that we know her audience loves.

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Dr. Debbie


We carried that fresh, clean, beachy vibe from her product packaging to her Shopify site where she can sell her supplements, allow clients to sign up for subscriptions, and inform them of all of the bundles used in her programs.

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