In rebranding FDA Atty, owner Marc Sanchez wanted to blend in fun, lithographic illustrations while still maintaining the professionalism of a renowned law office.

Challenge accepted.

Providing expertise in FDA and USDA legislation for pre-market and post-market businesses.

At FDA Atty, clients find a reassuring, responsive, and approachable guide to help them navigate the USDA and FDA landscapes.

With over 10 years of experience exclusively dedicated to FDA Laws and Regulations, FDA Atty takes the time to ensure each client’s asset is fully compliant with current legislation.

FDA Atty works with professionals and small to medium-sized businesses who truly want to see their ideas come to life without fear of government violations or lawsuits, and need quick answers to gain peace of mind.


Business/Marketing Strategy
Creative Direction
Website Development
Design Strategy
Custom Illustration

Custom illustrations were an integral part of conveying the reassurance the clients need. The subtle references to strength and knowledge helped to accentuate Marc’s expertise and the services his company provides.

Brand Archetypes

Before adding a single pixel to the canvas, we guided Marc through our GET CLEAR Intensive. FDA Atty was providing a lot of services, but Marc felt they were “all over the place”.

After nailing his Brand Archetypes, Marc found the clarity he was looking for and we helped him narrow his focus down to a few key service offerings.

The Sage

The Sage Archetype is all about knowledge. They value gathering information and analyzing data before making well-thought-out decisions. FDA Atty clients rely heavily on the knowledge and expertise Marc provides, making The Sage a perfect fit as his brand’s primary archetype.

The Caregiver

The Caregiver Archetype is known for empathy and kindness. From the moment clients first speak with Marc, they are met with a gentle, reassuring voice. They instantly know they are in good hands, which is a key trait of The Caregiver.

Design Process

Marc loved his existing logo, but everything else was on the table for the FDA Atty rebrand.

We opted to maintain some of his original brand colors and enhance them with a blend of illustrations and texture, punctuated with architectural photos.


“Transparency, expertise, and responsiveness are just a few key takeaways from my experience working with Left Right Labs.

As a regulatory attorney working in the health and beauty space, I had clients work with Left Right Labs and speak highly of them. So naturally, when I needed a new website they were the first call I made. I was hesitant at first when Trina pitched the Get Clear Workshop.

As the owner of my business, I thought I knew the brand well enough to skip this step but I’m so glad I didn’t. Trina was able to take me through the process of articulating many ways to describe my company and brand that I had thought of but not said or written down before. The website is much stronger for this and I’m so glad Left Right Labs encouraged me to take the step.

From this point on this process just got better. Trina assembled an amazing team of designers and Gretchen quickly got to work building a strong structure for the new design. Gretchen is a hero going above and beyond by patching up the old website, which was quickly coming to pieces. The whole process was fantastic, on time, on budget, and even fun!

I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience and strongly urge anyone thinking about brand development and design needs to contact Trina and Gretchen.”

– Marc Sanchez

Brand Website

After helping Marc restructure his services, we did a complete overhaul of his navigational structure to fit his new core offerings. Being The Sage archetype meant he had a lot of text on his pages. We used the illustrations and photos to help break up the text into sections to help his site visitors find information quickly.