A business mentorship that attracts business owners from around the world, Pinnacle Global Network needed brand strategists to help them scale their brand the way they help business owners scale million dollar companies.

They chose Left Right Labs.

During the brand attributes exercise in our GET CLEAR Intensive, the Pinnacle team identified a main pillar of their success as coming from the generous culture created by founder, Allison Maslan. The openness and willingness to share carries through the PGN mentors, who harness their own experience and expertise to help business owners scale businesses into 7 and 8 figures and beyond.

Pinnacle Global Network + Left Right Labs

Allison Maslan, CEO | Pinnacle Global Network

Quick Start Guide

Pinnacle is a marketing powerhouse. Having scaled multiple business, Allison knows great branding goes beyond the website. Part of the rebrand rollout included makeovers of their key marketing materials.

SCALEit Brand Icons

Visual identity for Pinnacle was an important part of their rebrand. Custom icons were created to reflect the 5 pillars of their SCALEit Method and used across the brand assets to highlight different parts of their high-level executive mentoring program.

Digital platforms

With busy executives as their target audience, the PGN brand is experienced daily across multiple platforms. The mobile experience was a priority requirement as well as making sure the site was optimized for speed on every device.