Heal Los Angeles Foundation


When John Muto and Prince Jackson reached out to us for help rebranding the Heal LA Foundation, we were all in. After listening to them both share stories of how their foundation is changing the lives of kids in the greater Los Angeles area, we knew we could help them create an even bigger impact.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Web Development

Logo Evolution

The first challenge was transforming the logo into a more modern version. Our goal was to preserve the original feeling of unity and healing while simplifying the design for better visibility on various swag and promotional materials.

Design System

Heal LA is focused on “making that change” in the lives of kids. In order to capture their attention and keep the children engaged, we refreshed the brand using bright colors and adding fun shapes to make Heal LA instantly recognizeable

We’ve raised over $20,000 for our two after school programs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of young people in Greater Los Angeles by creating impactful programs that will help them pursue their dreams while building fundamental life skills.

My father would always say, “if you believe it, you can achieve it” and I believe that we have the power to come together as a community, as a group, and as an individual to make this world a better place. It’s up to each and every one of us to recognize issues within our current communities and address them with passion and conviction.

– Michael “Prince” Jackson Jr.

Make That Change

Without a website, Prince and John were struggling to gain the trust of school officials and other organizations they wanted to partner with for their youth programs.

Left Right Labs strategized with Prince and John to bring visible credibility to their organization through their brand new website.

Trust factors included a Board of Directors page, a branded, secure donations page, links to external news sources, sign-up forms for volunteers and networking partner’s, and a place to post information for their current events.

Having one place for all the information saves them time and the flow of the site directs every visitor to “make that change”.

Don’t take our word for it… listen to Prince and John tell you how the rebrand has impacted their non-profit and the way they connect with their community now.

Michael “Prince” Jackson, Jr. and John Muto

Making It A Better Place

Fundraising events are a huge part of Heal LA.

From the annual “Thriller Nights” Halloween extravaganza at the Jackson residence to the Holiday shopping sprees and giveaways, the heart and soul of Heal LA Foundation and its founders shine through.

Prince and John continue to carry forth MJ’s dream to Heal The World, one child at a time.

Paris Jackson, Chris Tucker, Prince Jackson

"There's a place in your heart And I know that it is love."

-Michael Jackson, lyrics from Heal The World