Laila Ali
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Laila Ali

As a world-champion boxer, Laila Ali found herself transitioning from pro athlete to wellness advocate, and she knew her brand needed to transition with her.

She was already on her way with her Food For Life cookbook and Home Made Simple show on the OWN network, but her web presence didn’t reflect her new direction.

She hired Left Right Labs to make her whole brand story cohesive and maintain that history of being a champion.


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Laila Ali Lifestyle Logo
Laila Ali Font
Laila Ali Font
Laila Ali Boxing
Laila Ali with Muhammad Ali

Becoming the most successful female boxer in history didn’t happen overnight. Laila attributes her undefeated record and 4 world titles to having a champion mindset.

In designing the Laila Ali Lifestyle website, affiliate program, and product packaging, we focused on positioning Laila as a true wellness advocate who is helping others champion their own health.

Laila Ali Website
Laila Ali Spice Blends Logo
Laila Ali Trio Pack

Product Packaging

Before Laila found the Left Right Labs team, she had been working with another company to create the product packaging for her spice blends and supplement line. There was a good foundation but the labels didn’t fit her overall vision and the flexibility she needed for both lines. We were able to creatively direct the product packaging for both lines and help the original team finalize the look and feel. From there, our team has been able to expand her lines and carry on with new labels as additional products are created.

Laila Ali Spice Blends Box

Foil Print Gift Box

With her spice lines in full swing, Laila noticed that fans weren’t just buying the spices for themselves, but they were buying them as gifts for their loved ones. Laila tasked Left Right Labs with designing a gift box that is just as beautiful as the spice blends themselves. With gold foil printing and a special recipe included, the gift box is a hit with her fans.


With her Food For Life cookbook already on Amazon, Laila wanted to include her Spice Blends since they were the inspiration for many of the recipes.

To make her Spice Blends stand out, we designed custom layouts that bring her brand story to life on the Amazon platform.

Laila Ali Business Card
Laila on Amazon
Laila Ali Skincare

Luxurious Age-Defying Skincare

After years of getting questions about her skin care regimen, Laila decided to introduce her own line of age-defying products that feature her favorite ingredients. She asked Left Right Labs to design a logo that would fit in with her overall brand while showcasing the strength and femininity that all women possess. We created this bold and beautiful butterfly as a way to signify the balance of the two.

Laila Skincare Line
With Laila Ali

The internet is a beautiful thing. It allows us to serve health and wellness experts all over the world, but our favorite thing is getting to work in person with our clients. We’ve had the honor of meeting Laila on the set of the highly acclaimed Home Made Simple show, joining her on the packing day of her Laila Ali Spice Blends launch, and accompanying her when she spoke as part of Oprah’s 2020 Vision tour.

Laila Ali with Left Right LabsLaila and OprahOprah with Left Right Labs