How to Stop Struggling With Your Nutrition Business

The Struggle Is Real

Christine Roseberry

Christine Roseberry

“I just want to help people and make money. Is that too much to ask?!?”

We’ve met so many Nutrition Businesses that face this same question every day. Chances are you got into this business because you have a big heart and want to see others grow and have a better quality life. You want to help everyone, but let’s be real… you still have to pay your bills!

Christine Roseberry of Just Glowing With Health was facing this same situation first hand. When she contacted Left Right Labs, she knew she needed help finding new visitors and converting them into customers, but she had no idea where to start. Having been through several online marketing courses, she felt like she only had a surface knowledge of how online marketing worked.

Christine felt trapped in an endless cycle of blogging, posting on social media and checking her email, only to be disappointed by the lack of engagement from customers. The one-size-fits-all courses didn’t provide her with the roadmap she needed to build and sell her nutrition program effectively. None of the marketing gurus understood the unique challenges of the nutrition business. She felt like she’d been handed an atlas when what she really needed was a street map of the city.

Needing a more personalized approach, Christine contacted Left Right Labs. She set up a free strategy call to get clarity on how to stop running in circles and start building revenue.

Identifying The True Problem

Old Website

Before Working With Left Right Labs

“If my website just looked better, more people would be interested.”

This is partially true. An updated image will bring more interest to your message, however, without fully understanding your business and the clients you are created to serve, the design, text and products will reflect your personal taste but not the taste of your ideal clients. Create, write, design and work with THEM in mind. After all, they are the ones that will buy what you have to offer and receive great benefit from it.

When we first met with Christine, she was in this same spot. She told us she wanted a blog makeover because her design was outdated, looked very cluttered and wasn’t mobile responsive. Worst of all it was slow to load.

While these were all relatively easy items for us to fix, they were just band-aids that didn’t address the underlying issues of her nutrition business. What Christine really needed was a team to help her harness her site’s steady stream of traffic and turn them into paying customers.

“Walk This Way”

Walk This WayAs we do with all new clients, we set up a series of strategy sessions with Christine. These are 3-5 short meetings where we walk through a process step-by-step to establish goals, define the customer and build a custom marketing plan for their nutrition business. These strategy meetings are absolutely crucial to building a marketing plan that actually generates new revenue.

During our first meeting with Christine, we defined the big picture for her nutrition business. This included a full inventory of her online assets and a complete review of her website. We took an honest look at where she was currently and helped her set realistic goals to move towards her big dream.

Christine’s biggest challenge was building a mailing list. She also needed assistance to bring her raw nutrition program to market. The program itself was developed, but it needed to be packaged in an attractive, convenient format. She set goals to develop a new brand, build a mailing list of 1,000 subscribers, and launch a nutrition program.

We knew the central key to meeting these goals was to define her target audience. Through a couple of Skype calls, we worked one-on-one with Christine to generate a crystal clear definition of her ideal client. This was foundational for building a site and products that resonated with their desires.

During our next session, we used the new ideal client avatar to map out all of the ways her customers could engage with her. We looked at offline tactics as well as online marketing strategies. We pinpointed the bottlenecks in her current process and began to outline a personalized sales system for Christine’s site to effortlessly convert visitors into raving fans.

A Design That Converts

With our newly minted custom road map in place, we set out to design and build the 2.0 version of Just Glowing With Health.

We already noticed that Christine took amazing photos for her recipes, but her old design was not doing them justice. We decided to build her new site in a way that would leverage her great staging and photography skills, which was an important part of her brand.

Color was also a big part of her makeover. By referencing her new customer avatar, we were able to nail down a vibrant new color palette that reflected the freshness and energy of a healthy diet. Her logo also got an update to further develop the branding around raw food nutrition. It was quite a contrast from her previous design, but it was precisely the look and feel that would attract her ideal client and keep them engaged with her brand. You can see the final result in the image below.

Just Glowing With Health

Leveraging What Already Works

Christine's Food Diary

Christine’s Food Diary

Christine was already doing a lot of things right. She had taken some self-guided online marketing courses that at least steered her in the right direction. They just didn’t prepare her for what to do once she arrived.

When we did the website assessment for Just Glowing With Health, we made notes of all the things that were working well for Christine. We recognized the fastest way to reach her goal of 1k on her mailing list would be to leverage her most popular content.

What worked very well for Christine was a heavily trafficked 30 Day Raw Food Diary. The page already had great Google rankings and it was often shared on social media which drove a ton of traffic to her site. However, the original page loaded very slowly and included a lot of pictures and recipes to scroll through. The content was excellent but the user experience needed some improvement.

We consolidated each day of the challenge into a slide show so it could be easily navigated and reduced the load time significantly. We also took advantage of that high-traffic page by creating a 1 Day Challenge to use as a lead magnet. We knew from our ideal client avatar research that most people visited the page out of curiosity, but were probably intimidated by a 30 Day Raw Food Challenge. We inserted the 1 Day Challenge opt-in on the page in multiple locations to harness traffic and convert them into leads on Christine’s mailing list.

For her other popular pages, we revamped the layouts and directed Christine on how to stage new photos to break up the text and lead the visitor to take action. Each page included either a call to action for a product or an opt-in for the 1 Day Challenge. We also used the new ideal client profile to craft her content in a language that speaks directly to them.

The Need for Speed

just glowing with health visitorsThe load time for Just Glowing With Health was pretty bad. Even with the healthy stream of traffic she enjoyed, her bounce rate was pretty high. Losing site visitors to long load times meant she was missing opportunities to collect leads and win new customers. She was a leaving a lot of money on the table.

To remedy the speed issues, we started with her hosting. She had been stuck on a shared server which left us with very little control over how her site performed in that environment. We moved her entire site to a new server that was specially designed for the software used to build her site. It was like moving from an apartment in the slums to a private condominium. We were now free to customize and tweak the site for maximum performance.

Just Glowing With Health MobileWe rebuilt her site from the ground up with a much lighter, mobile-friendly framework. The navigation was restructured to direct her visitors to the most important content first. This also helps first-time visitors flow through the site in a more logical way and keeps them engaged with her content.

The mobile-responsive design was much snappier and loaded a lot faster than her previous design. It also worked beautifully on all devices, which improved the bounce rate significantly.
Under the hood, the site was optimized for speed and we improved her site load times by over 200% in addition to decreasing her bounce rate. The optimization also gave her a boost in search rankings and her organic traffic increased by over 50% from the previous period.

Creating New Revenue Streams

1 day challengeIncreasing revenue is every nutrition business owner’s goal and Christine was no exception. She had been blogging for years but wasn’t making much from the ads and affiliate links despite having a reasonable amount of traffic. Looking through her Google Analytics data, it was obvious that her visitors were most attracted to her recipes and her annual 30 Day Challenge.

With this information, we developed a client journey to make sure that the products Christine created were done in an order that adds value and builds trust. That meant that we started with the free 1 Day Challenge to gain more newsletter followers.

Then we helped Christine map out a 5 Day “Ease Into Raw” product that would teach her clients the basics of eating raw food and a simplified way to test the waters with this lifestyle change. We worked with Christine to organize her ideas, figure out the proper flow for the product, provide feedback from a consumer perspective and make sure that it was in a beautiful and easy to follow format.

21 days to glowBy leveraging her most popular recipes and the concept of building a “Go Raw Challenge”, we worked with Christine to create her largest paid product, a 21 Day program complete with recipes, shopping lists and tips for transitioning to a raw diet. We then tweaked her “1 Day Challenge” and “5 Day Ease Into Raw” program and added email campaigns to lead them to the 21 Day product.

With her targeted sales funnel, Christine now converts visitors into clients. She also has her own affiliate program, which puts an additional revenue stream at her fingertips.

Christine Roseberry, Just Glowing With Health

“When I first got in touch with Gretchen and Trina of Left Right Labs, I had a lot of ideas for my website and business but wasn’t sure how to get there. I felt overwhelmed, and frustrated.

After sitting down with them via Skype and discussing all my thoughts and ideas, I immediately felt like I was in good hands. They were so thorough and detail-oriented, which is very important to me. They are really up-to-date and knowledgeable in what they do and prompt with their deadlines. They made sure to keep me updated with the progress of each project.

They were always willing to go the extra mile sharing with me their insights and developing strategies, which were invaluable to my success… for example, how to gain more traffic or how to market myself more effectively. And their tips really worked!

Now I have serious companies reaching out to me and giving me paid opportunities to represent them. I have complete confidence in my online marketing and social media presence! My nutritional advice finally stands out to people because my professional image now supports the message I share.

Left Right Labs was kind enough to always outline a precise plan for me with a timeline so that I would never wonder what was needed next and what our deadlines were. They produced everything I asked for in my online business and more. If I ever had questions or asked if something could be adjusted, they were so patient and willing to make sure it was their best effort. The fact that they got my vision made me confident in their work.

The combined creative talent and marketing genius of Gretchen and Trina makes a powerful team that produces amazing work! I am so thankful I found them, and definitely look forward to continuing with them on future projects.” ~ Christine Roseberry, Just Glowing With Health

The Results

Success can be measured in many ways. When we have our very first strategy session with our clients, we ask them what success should look like 12 months from now. Christine defined success as having a professionally branded website, a mailing list of over 1,000 subscribers, and a raw nutrition program that generated consistent revenue. She achieved all that and more in much less than 12 months time.

The biggest result Christine saw with her site makeover was the increase in email subscribers. Her new opt-in along with the strategic placements of the call-outs was growing her list tremendously. She went from having zero email subscribers to over 2,000, plus she added over 1,000 new fans to her social media!

Kris Carr ShareAs Christine promoted her new site, top nutrition professionals like Kris Carr, Blender Babes, Raw Guru, Raw Food Recipes and more took notice and began to share her content and link back to her site. This brought her a ton of new traffic from highly targeted visitors who were perfect matches for her ideal client avatar. She continues to see growth and higher engagement as a result of updating her design.

Her program, 21 Days To Glow, began generating revenue from the day it launched. The 1 Day Challenge serves as a taste test for raw nutrition and leads them to the 5 Day Ease Into Raw program. This helps clients integrate raw food on a daily basis and upsells to the 21 Day program. Christine has the perfect streamlined sales funnel in place. Her website is now working for her instead of working her to death.

Since launching her new site, Just Glowing With Health, we have continued to strategize with Christine on ways to grow her online business.

Is Your Brand Holding Your Business Back?

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