How to GET CLEAR On Your Customer

When it comes to your customer, the clearer you can get, the easier your business will become. We know this from our own personal business journey as well as from working with our clients.

We started out trying to serve clients in all types of industries. Basically, if someone needed a website, we would build it. This worked ok for a while, but then it got hard.

Really hard.

We kept having to learn about new industries and do more market research, which was very time-consuming. We were pulled in many different directions and it wasn’t helpful to our clients.

That’s when we decided to focus on just one industry. We knew we loved working with health, wellness and nutrition influencers. They are typically upbeat, positive people and they are on a mission to help others. We could totally resonate with that vibe!

So we “niched down” as they say and started seeking out more clients in the wellness industry. This was one of the first steps in what came to be our “Wellness Business Blueprint.”

We’re not gonna lie. New clients didn’t come flocking to our door just because we rebranded and put “nutrition and wellness” on our home page. It took some skilled strategic marketing and a whole lot of hustle before we started to see new clients from the wellness space asking about our services.

But it was worth the wait! Now, this doesn’t mean we aren’t still actively serving some of our early clients. We absolutely are! We already know their market and have established that relationship so it’s still a good fit to be working with them, even if they are in a different industry.

But it does mean, moving forward, we will be much more selective in who we choose to work with. We now know within a conversation or two if they are a good fit and if we can actually help their business grow. If we can’t, we refer them to our partner network so they can find someone who does know their industry and provides the solution they need.

So it’s CLEAR that we know who our ideal client is, but…

Who is YOUR ideal client?

While identifying your ideal customer(s), it is important to list out as many personal, social and economic traits as possible. If you haven’t done this exercise previously, we recommend you plan some time to really explore this area.

Do NOT get hung up on a specific industry or be so specific that the potential client base is super tiny (unless you have a super high-priced offering that will support your income goals). Sometimes, your niche has nothing to do with an industry and more to do with an economic factor, a demographic or solving a very specific problem.

We listed health and nutrition influencers above, but let me tell you a secret. While we like the wellness industry a lot, our ideal client is really based on a personality type. We don’t accept just anyone as a client. We look for high-achievers. We want to work with positive people who have clearly defined goals and are not afraid to make decisions and test out ideas.

Sometimes, we find these positive, high achievers in complementary industries. For example, we work with the New York Ad Council. They don’t directly fit the category of “nutrition and wellness influencers”, but their purpose is to create positive social change. Some of their campaigns include “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk”, “Diabetes Prevention” and “Reducing Food Waste”. Those are messages we can fully support and the wonderful people on the Ad Council team fit our ideal client profile perfectly, so it’s win-win for us all!

Simple Steps to GET CLEAR On Your Customer

It will be easiest if you keep things simple. So choose one ideal customer to focus on. Even if you have multiple types of clients you work with, which one is your absolute favorite? If it’s too difficult to nail down a favorite, try focusing on the client avatar that brings in the most profit to your company. Let’s work on getting more of that type of person to your business.

Now think about the problems your customer is trying to solve. What is their biggest pain point? What keeps them up at night? What emotions would drive them to purchase from you?

List out as many problems as you can identify. Circle the top 3 you think are the most important for your customer to solve and start developing solutions to those problems. These solutions will be the cornerstone of your business and get you on a path toward making a big impact in the health and wellness of others.

Once you can identify their specific pain points, it will be easy to communicate your solution and they will be grateful for the breakthroughs that your work provides. If you’d like a team to help you get a jump start, join us for a GET CLEAR Workshop and let’s build your personalized Wellness Business Blueprint together.

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