Creating an Exceptional “About” Page

Your About page is one of the most visited pages on your web site. In fact, when a visitor is new to your site and...

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lego card

Happy Merry Everything!

Welcome to that time of year where every mailing list you’ve ever subscribed to sends you a “Merry” or Happy” email that basically does nothing...

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Can your customers find you?

Can your customers find you on a map?

The worst thing you can encounter in a day is a frustrated client who just wasted their time and gas driving around to find your...

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optimize search results

What makes people click on your link in search results?

Ok so you’ve finally got a good ranking in Google. Now what? Put your chef hat on… we’re going to optimize your search listings! There you are...

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Mobile Responsive Web Site

What is a Mobile Responsive Web Site?

The buzzword “mobile responsive” gets thrown around more than a hand-tossed pizza crust these days. But what the heck does it mean? Today we’ll explain...

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Double or Single Opt-In: The Pros and Cons

With a “Single” opt-in, your visitor gets subscribed to your list instantly and gains immediate access to your Freemium (if you have one) when they...

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These domain name tips could double your traffic

When you type in your URL, do you start with www? Do your customers? Did you know that the www isn’t even necessary? You probably...

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