Razor Hybrid Fitness: From 0 To 922

Client Brief

Ben Booker came to us with a brand new piece of fitness equipment he had developed and used to win Bodybuilding.com’s BodySpace competition. He knew nothing about online marketing but knew he needed to put a website together and develop a marketing plan before his product hit the market. He was also interested in speaking engagements and group training with military personnel.

When we first met, Ben had no social media following and his only interactions with potential customers was on bodybuilding.com forums. Our challenge was to develop a marketing plan, build a customer base and create a central place where companies could contact him about celebrity appearances and speaking engagements.

Our Approach

Ben Booker Splash Page

Our first step was to get a splash page up and start building a buzz for the new product. We created a simple one-page opt-in offering an exclusive workout developed by Ben and set up Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Ben began posting photos and images from his workout and daily life to social media and inviting people to download his exclusive workout. Within a few short weeks, he had over 900 subscribers!

We then created a site that not only provided support for his Razor, but also connects Ben with his target audience. Our main priority was mobile performance. Ben’s Razor could be used anywhere so it was critical that customers could access the exercise and workout videos from any device.

To continue bringing traffic and new email subscribers, we developed two more free opt-in products: a nutrition guide and a competition handbook for bodybuilders. We also helped him ramp up his social media channels by adding Instagram and actively engaging with his fans on BodySpace.

Ben Booker, Razor Hybrid Fitness

“Gretchen has been an absolute pleasure to work with and she is a phenomenal web developer. She has been with my company from the start helping make everything run smooth! She has been available when I need her, and prompt on all deadlines. I recommend Left Right Labs to anyone looking for web development.” ~ Ben Booker


Since launching the Razor Hybrid Fitness online marketing plan, Ben has continued to see explosive growth in followers. He has several thousand fans across multiple active channels and he continues to be in high demand as an inspirational speaker.

Recently, he was featured as a trainer for DailyBurn.com and has also joined the team at SixPack Abs.com as the celebrity fitness trainer.

Ben Booker

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