Six Pack Abs: From Blog to Business

Client Brief

Six Pack Abs was an established website that was leaving a lot of money on the table. They had no established branding and although they were actively blogging, the content was not hitting their target market.

They had been recently hacked and every single post on the site had spam inserted into the content. Their site was also loading very slowly and had several display issues on mobile devices.

They had also built up a large mailing list through an opt-in offer, but had never sent an email to that list.

Our Approach

The first step in this project was to triage the hacked content so we could assess the damage and formulate a game plan. We set up a splash page quickly with an opt-in form and let the current visitors know that the site was being updated and what they could expect when it re-launched. We saw an instant increase in email subscribers from that page.

After a few discovery sessions that included redefining their ideal client and the purpose of the website, we decided to start with fresh content and a clean design, optimized with three main categories.

We noted that the content authors are busy fitness professionals, so we also automated the mailing list so emails are sent out automatically each time they publish a blog post. We also created a custom mailing list template for each site author which includes their photo and author bio for added authority.

Six Pack Abs

During the development process, we created a brand new opt-in offer and began promoting it on our splash page prior to the launch to gauge interest. We again saw an increase in opt-ins.


After launching the site, Six Pack Abs continues to see an increase in email subscribers. They are actively posting fresh, relevant content and feeding it to their mailing list which in turn has driven more traffic back to the site. Their open rates have consistently been above industry averages.

The site is now fully optimized for mobile and we have seen a 15% increase in new site visitors. With the shift in content and better use of images, they are seeing more engagement from targeted users and an increase in click-throughs when the content is shared on social media.

Currently, we are working with Six Pack Abs to release a course in nutrition and fitness, which includes workout videos and in-depth nutritional information released as a 9-week program.

Update: Six Pack Abs was purchased by a competing fitness company.

Six Pack Abs

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