You Don’t Need a Professional Website to Convert Visitors Into Customers

One huge mistake we see business owners make online is changing their website design.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a nicer, more modern look. And realistically, a website should be updated every couple of years to keep up with changing trends and new technology.

But, the mistake happens when the business owner starts looking at what other people have or browses through a web design gallery and says “I like that one. It looks professional.”

In today’s world of DIY online tools, it’s pretty easy to click a few buttons and *poof* you have a new theme installed on your website.

It looks shiny and new and it has a few bells and whistles that maybe you didn’t have before. But here’s the problem…

Whoever designed that theme didn’t know anything about your customers and how they respond. That designer didn’t choose the fonts, the color palette or the imagery to match your brand or to evoke the emotions from your visitors that get them to take action.

No research was done to determine if your visitors respond better to buttons or text links. Or if having an opt-in box in the sidebar is effective for your target audience.

So you end up with a pretty theme that doesn’t reflect your brand or connect with your customers.

And because theme templates are a one-size-fits-all solution, they can actually drive your conversion rates down!

As brand strategists, we know how crucial it is for your business to be seen in a positive light.

And your marketing materials, both online and off, need to consistently reflect your company culture so your brand stands out from your competition.

Your brand has to go beyond a “professional” theme. Design is just one part of the strategy. Your brand also includes your voice, the words you choose in your copy, the way you interact with your customers and how they experience your service.

Take a look at the McDonald’s website. It’s professional. It’s easy to navigate. It has products right up front and looks and feels like McDonald’s. It’s their brand.

It’s also designed for a fast food crowd and they hit you with a pop-up coupon in the first five seconds. They have a very specific audience in mind and they know exactly how that audience responds online.

Their site looks professional, but it’s not the type of design or messaging that would work for a nutrition or wellness influencer. People visiting the McDonald’s website are going to have different needs and behave very differently than someone who seeks out a website for a nutrition influencer.

And in order to meet that need, you have to know how that customer responds and design your site and your messaging around that behavior.

So what does it really take to convert visitors into customers?

If you asked us to create your brand, we’d first invite you to our GET CLEAR Workshop where we’d develop a custom conversion strategy. We’d spend several hours getting to know you, your customer and researching your market before we ever choose a font or a color palette.

Once we’ve developed your brand story, we map out your entire sales process from start to finish… from the moment the customer first engages with you, through the point of purchase, to the follow-up system that will keep them coming back as a lifetime customer.

When we have the complete picture, only THEN would we start working on design concepts, copywriting, touchpoints and user experience. By starting at the highest level, we don’t waste time guessing at what your customers want or need. We nail those concepts down first and build your strategy around them.

And the real secret?

Sometimes, you don’t even need a website. If you’re just getting started, a simple landing page may be all you need to get some brand recognition and start testing your ideas.

Don’t get sucked into someone else’s idea of how your website should look or respond. Instead, turn your website into a strategically branded marketing tool that consistently generates income for your business.

If you’re looking to convert more visitors into customers and want your brand to stand out in a crowd, click here to book a 15-minute call. We’d be happy to take a look at your website and help you start earning more revenue today.

As the Left Brain of Left Right Labs, Gretchen specializes in boosting client revenue through brand strategy and user experience. Sarcasm, wit, and the occasional pun are her creative trademarks.

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