Online Marketing is NOT an Illusion

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with magicians. I went to shows, read books and bought all sorts of kits to learn how the tricks were done.

Magicians fascinated me. But not because I thought they had some kind of special belief or power. I was fascinated because they made it look so easy.

When I talk about magic tricks, people ask me if knowing how the trick is done spoils the performance for me. The answer is no. It actually makes me appreciate the skills of the magician even more… Especially when I know how much prep work went into setting it up.

Some magicians take months, even years to plant props or create backstories in order to get their trick ready. The great Houdini once bribed a tailor to sew a playing card inside the lining of a well-known businessman’s dinner jacket months before both men were scheduled to attend the same event.

At the event, Houdini used his carefully mastered sleight of hand skills to get the businessman to pick a specific playing card from a deck he brought with him. He then asked the businessman to put the card back in the deck and check the lining of his jacket.

Sure enough, the businessman felt a playing card in there. When he ripped open the seam of his dinner jacket, the card he removed matched the one Houdini had skillfully guided him to select.

Magic? Obviously not… now that you know how the trick is done!

A seasoned magician’s results are not accidents. They are carefully planned illusions.

Magicians know their targets and how that target is likely to react in a situation they have carefully created through steps they have meticulously practiced.

I have the same obsession with online marketers as I do with magicians. I love learning how they convert visitors into customers. I read books, purchase kits and study people who do it well. There are always new tricks to perform!

There is only one difference between magicians and online marketers. When online marketing is done well, the results are not illusions. The results an online marketing expert produces are more clients and bigger profits for your business.

Meet Marvin the Great. He’s your competitor. Every time Marvin waves his magic wand and sticks his hand in his hat, he pulls out a new customer. And he can repeat this performance any time he wants.

Does Marvin have special powers? Does he have a stronger belief in “magic” than you do?


Marvin the Great knows how the trick is done. He has carefully selected his target and put in the prep time to set up his “trick” so he can perform it flawlessly every time.

Would you like to know how his trick is done?

We can tell you.

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